Until we are able to establish the route shown below, we are often asked where can we ride now. Michigan Public Act 288 opened miles and miles of State Forest 2 tracks to ORV use here in Northern Michigan. Not every single 2 track is open though, you still need to know where you can legally ride. The DNR has an online interactive map that identifies open and closed 2 tracks. They also have these maps listed by County in pdf format. Download the pdf map to your phone and you’ll always have the maps with you even if you are out of cell phone range.

The DNR maps website can be found here, DNR Forest Roads Inventory.

On the map below, the Blue line is the proposed ORV Route that we are working on developing along with the MI DNR. The Red is possible future expansion west to the Northwest MI Fairgrounds. This is a work in progress and is NOT active at this time. It is approximately 42 miles with an additional 13 miles west. It is essentially part of snowmobile routes #5, #55, and #510.